Once upon a time we started off with a blank travel diary and a pair of comfortable boots. We recorded every instance of exceptional customer service we came across in every place we visited.

Now the adventure has begun, and with some tears of joy and courage, we are eager to present to you the place we had imagined.

Welcome to Casa Codebò
Bed & Breakfast

We are Alice, Carlotta and Gianni, an Italian family who share the passion of travels, nature and culinary art.

Codebò is our macot, a cheerful hen, and no only the simple hen you see in the drawing. She is the best friend of Alice and Carlotta’s great-grandmother. She loves the fragrance of aromatic herbs, feeling the sun on her feathers as she looks out over the ocean, and she is always willing to embark on new exciting adventures with friends. If you come to see us you will surely spot her riding a bike!

Our credo is to delight our guests’ souls, and we apply it to everything we do: from the colours of our rooms to the shapes of our wooden furniture. We aim to deliver sparkles of happiness throughout your stay and to build an outstanding hospitality experience.